Quantum Africa 5: bringing the best of quantum research to Africa
Quantum Africa 5 is the fifth in a series of successful conferences bringing the best of international quantum research to Africa, while striving for pan-African participation. The series is shepherded by an international Steering Committee and Programme Committee listed elsewhere on this site.

​Public lecture: 3 Sept 2019

​As part of Quantum Africa 5, IBM’s Dr Heike Riel will be giving a public talk, which all members of the public are welcome to attend. Please RSVP here.

Title: “Beyond the physics of quantum and advances in quantum computing by IBM”
Time and date: (time to be confirmed) Tuesday 3 September 2019
Venue: Room 1005 of the Mathematical Sciences and Industrial Psychology Building, Stellenbosch University campus (see map)

Previous Quantum Africa conferences were held in:
Quantum Africa 1 – Durban, South Africa 2010
Quantum Africa 2 – Northern Drakensberg, South Africa 2012
Quantum Africa 3 – Rabat, Morocco 2014
Quantum Africa 4 – Tunis, Tunisia 2017